Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Easy Cabled Headband Pattern

Easy Cabled Headband

Measurements: 19.5 inches, not including the I-cord ties. Note: This pattern can easily be adjusted to fit your head. As you knit, stop every so often and wrap it around your head to adjust the length.

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Aran Fleck, or any other worsted weight yarn of your choice, 1 Skein

Needles: Size US 8

Gauge: 17 sts & 23 rows = 4” in St st


RT (right twist): slip next stitch to cable needle and hold in back, k next stitch, k 1 from cable needle
LT (left twist): slip next stitch to cable needle and hold in front, k next stitch, k 1 from cable needle
C4B: slip next 2 stitches to cable needle and hold in back, k next 2 sts, k sts from cable needle
C4F: slip next 2 sts to cable needles and hold in front, k next 2 sts, k sts from cable needle


CO 2 stitches

Knit an I-cord with these two stitches until the cord measures about 9 ½ inches (or desired length). For help with making an I-cord, visit

Increase rows:

Row 1(RS): k1fb, k1fb (4 sts)
Row 2 & all other wrong side rows: Purl
Row 3: k1fb, k 2, k1fb (6 sts)
Row 5: k1fb, k 4, k1fb (8 sts)
Row 7: k1fb, k 6, k1fb (10 sts)

Repeat this pattern of k1fb at each end on RS rows until there are 22 sts on the needle, ending with a RS row.

Begin Cable Pattern:

Row 1 & all other WS rows: sl 1 purlwise, k 3, p 2, k 1, p 8, k 1, p 2, k 4
Row 2 (RS): sl 1 purlwise, k 2, p 1, RT, p 1, C4B, C4F, p 1, LT, p 1, k 3
Row 4: sl 1 purlwise, k 2, p 1, RT, p 1, k 8, p 1, LT, p 1, k 3
Row 6: sl 1 purlwise, k 2, p 1, RT, p 1, k 8, p 1, LT, p 1, k 3
Row 8: sl 1 purlwise, k 2, p 1, RT, p 1, C4F, C4B, p 1, LT, p 1, k3

Repeat Rows 1-8 6 more times. Purl 1 row.

Decrease Rows:

Row 1 (RS): k2tog, k to 2 sts before end, ssk
Row 2 & all WS rows: Purl

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 2 sts remain. Knit an I-cord with these 2 sts until the cord measures the same length as the first I-cord. BO these stitches.


Weave in ends if desired.

***This pattern is for personal use only. This pattern and items made from this pattern may not be sold. If you're not sure about the use of this pattern, please contact me.***

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


***Warning: Long Post Ahead!!!***

I realize I have neglected my blog for another week again. I has been so hectic recently. Between work and training for a marathon, I haven't had time for much. But the good news is that I have finally received my Ravelry invite. I'm really looking forward to playing with it more. So many ideas for using up my stash. My Ravelry username is thechickwithstix. Be sure to look me up! Anywhoo...time for project updates.

Project: One Skein Wonder

Started: 11/5

Finished: 11/8

Yarn: Cascade 220 (dyed in Grape Kool-Aid)

I think this project came out sooo pretty with the dyed yarn. I have one ball of Cascade 220 left from my TTV, so I think I'm going to make another one of these with it. These are such nice compliments to any variety of outfits.

Project: Alexandra Ballerina Top

Started: 11/1

Yarn: Ironstone Yarns Island Cotton

So I mentioned before that this is my NaKniSweMo Project. I'm slowly plugging along on it. I'd have a lot more done if I stopped picking up other projects in between working on it. I still think I can have it done by the end of the month. It's a Christmas gift so I need to get it done anyway. Why am I knitting it in cotton you ask? Because the person I'm making it for is sensitive to wool, and with the way the top is knitting up, it definitely fits her personality.

Project: Mother/Daughter Hat

Started: 10/26

Yarn: GGH Maxima

This project I pick up from time to time. Its my first project using Addi Turbos, which I'm absolutely in love with now!

I can't show off the Joe's Office Socks unfortunately because they too are a Christmas gift and I know the person I'm making them for checks this blog from time to time. And the Wool-Ease Socks have kinda been put on the back burner; they'll be finished before Christmas.
And as promised, I have finally finished writing up my cabled headband pattern and it is now accessable for your knitting pleasure. Its my first time designing and writing a pattern so if there are errors I appologize in advance. I'll be sure to correct them as I go. Anyway...I think that's everything for now. I'm bouncing over to Ravelry to play around. I'll check back later this week!

Monday, November 5, 2007

NaKniSweMo is Here!

That time of the year is finally here! Time to pull out mass quantities of yarn and start knitting a sweater. This November, I'm working on the Alexandra Ballerina Sweater from Fitted Knits. I'm killing two birds with one stone; I'm preparing this sweater for the NaKniSweMo Fashion Show at my LYS and its a Christmas gift. So unfortunately there won't be any pictures of it up, but I promise I'll have tons of pictures of other things. For instance...

These are the Fetching gloves from Knitty. They were a total impulse knit. I had some Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran so I whipped these babies up in a matter of days. They're great since its been so cold here the past few days and my hands are always freezing at work. I also started Glampyre's One Skien Wonder with some yarn I dyed in Grape Kool-Aid this weekend. I managed to make the yarn come out variated...I'll get pictures up as soon as I get further along. This weekend I also started spinning some of my own yarn. I've just been really busy this past week. I feel like I've neglected my blog. I should have my headband pattern up by the end of the week.

Also, I'm slowly getting my Etsy shop up and running. 10% of all purchases made from my shop gets donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society so please stop by and take a look around.