Friday, April 17, 2009

Its Quidditch Time!

The last round of Quidditch for this term....and some of these I know the answer to just off the top of my head...yippee!

1. This “Harry Potter” character’s first name comes from Roman mythology. The mythological character’s twin brother is named Romulus. What is the Harry Potter character last name?
a. Black
b. Lupin
c. Pucey
d. Finnigan

2. Which “Harry Potter” character’s first name is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Athena?
a. Evans
b. Malfoy
c. McGonagall
d. Flitwick

3. In ‘Harry Potter’ World, this wizard has created the Philosopher’s Stone (called the Sorcerer Stone in the US). The historical figure from the 14th and 15th centuries was a scribe and a manuscript-seller who became famous as an alchemist. Who is this individual?
Nicolas Flamel

4. What is the first name of a character whose last name is the name of a Bulgarian leader from early 9th century who doubled the country’s territory?
a. Theodore
b. Cedric
c. Viktor
d. Vincent

5. Which character’s name is the name of goddess in Indian mythology?
a. Creevey
b. Patil (the Padma River is referred to in Indian mythology as a goddess)
c. Zabini
d. Vane

6. “Where the Wild Things Are” tells the story of Max, a young boy sent to bed without his supper for his wild antics. Who created this winner of the Caldecott Medal?
a. Maurice Sendak
b. Chris Van Allsberg
c. Ezra Jack Keats
d. John Steptoe

7. What was NOT one of the unexpected defense mechanisms that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook encountered in their attempt to rob Gringotts?
a. The Flagrante Curse
b. The Thieves’ Downfall
c. Anti-summoning Enchantments
d. The Geminio Curse

8. What was Snape aiming at when he cut off George’s ear?
a. Another Death Eater’s back
b. George’s wand hand
c. Another Death Eater’s wand hand
d. George’s face

9. How much older than James was Lily? (Referring to Harry’s parents, not children).
a. James was older
b. 6 months
c. 1 month
d. 2 months

10. Food is one of the five exceptions to what magical law?
a. Grimp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration
b. Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration
c. Gamp’s Law of Fundamental Transfiguration
d. Grimp’s Law of Fundamental Transfiguration

Picture Hunt:

Where the Wild Things Are

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Progress....and Frustration

So my Ishbel....I absolutely love it but I was running out of I had to rip out. I ripped it all the way back to the small stockinette size. Now I'm proceeding with the lace in the large size. Which is cool because I wanted it more lacy anyway. I'm sure your asking where's the pictures? Well you'll have to wait because there's not really much to see right now since I ripped back. Maybe I'll get one up after work today. If its not too busy at the LYS then I might be able to get some work done on it. To cure my frustration, I started a pair of fingerless mitts. An easy project with a simple cable. And I had a great idea for a pair of fingerless mitts. I think I'll be using some of my Stitches yarn for that.

On another note, I'm going back to school. I start April 21st and I'll be studying Massage Therapy. By March of next year I'll be a Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator. Whew that's a long title. I'll be sure to keep you posted of the progress.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

When I came through the door today, a package was waiting for me above my mailbox. I hadn't been expecting a package so it was quite a surprise. So I hurried up my stairs, dropped the package on the bed, grabbed the closest pair of scissors and opened it up. Once opened, I was greeted with red and purple tissue paper and a card sitting on top. I opened up the card and the package was a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) from Carma (aka Esme Beanswallow). I moved aside the tissue paper to reveal:

I appologize for the crappy picture. Lighting wasn't good, but I couldn't wait to take the picture and share the joy. Inside were two skeins of yarn, double knitted so I can easily unwind and knit two at a time socks or fingerless mitts, eco-friendly buttons which I have to attach to my knitting bag, a breast cancer awareness pen (I needed a new pen for my knitting bag too) a keychain that also works as a bottle opener (perfect for bar knitting nights) and the best thing of all, a bag of her COOKIES! Pink Dalmations to be exact. Carma makes the best cookies. Now I'll just have to keep the boyfriend out of them.

Thank you so much Carma for the RAOK. It really brought some joy to my day.

This Week I Present....

The Ishbel! But you have to wait for the pictures...tee hee...because the camera battery is charging. Be patient, it'll be here soon.